A jar of tahini paste with a spoonful of tahini running down to a jar

How to Make Tahini

This recipe will teach you how to make tahini at home – fast and easy, 2 ingredients, not special equipment required.

A Plate of Bright Vegetables and Quinoa Salad

Basic Quinoa Salad with Avocado

This quinoa salad with avocado is my favourite. This is often my lunch, very satisfying and really quick to assemble. I tired to keep the recipe really basic, just 5 ingredients, so that it can easily become one of YOUR own recipes.

A bowl of eggplant hummus with slices of red bell pepper on the side

Delicious Eggplant Hummus

My love of hummus can only be overridden by my love of baba ganoush. So I created something that combines both. A delicious dip that combines tanginess of hummus and tenderness of baked eggplant.